Movement Mindset Macros - 4 Week Group Macro Coaching (April 2023)


4 Week Group Macro Coaching


Important dates/timeline:
  • 03/17/23 - 03/24/23Registration Window
  • 03/27/23 - 03/31/23: On-boarding Email Sequence
  • 04/03/23: Group Macro Coaching begins

Group Macro Coaching: $175 (early bird $160)

  • 4 week program, Monday 04/03/23 - Friday 04/28/23
  • Custom Macros calculated by me and sent to you 03/31/23
  • 5 workouts per week for all 4 weeks (same workouts as my monthly app subscribers)
  • Private Facebook Group with other participants where you can ask any questions/see my responses to others' questions - this community in itself will be SUCH a valuable resource, because others might ask questions that you might not have even thought to ask!
  • 4 pre-recorded video lessons teaching you macros, uploaded into the Facebook Group on a weekly basis to watch at your convenience
  • Weekly Live Q&A with me via Facebook Group - you can submit questions in advance and can also ask any questions live!
  • Progress tracker (only for personal use - I won't be checking these unless you upgrade to a mid-point check-in with me) - another valuable resource for you to keep track of measurements, weight, biofeedback, and more!
  • Optional Mid-point check-in with Karlee (additional $50) will be available for purchase in Week 2 of coaching
  • Healthy Meal Guide - 12 total meals
  • Morning Ritual Guide
  • Habit Tracker